TradeJester In The Classroom

Why TradeJester Is Better Than Traditional Paper Trading

Active Engagement

One week simulations enable students to stay actively engaged. Consistency becomes key in winning over multiple weeks, and competition fuels the desire to improve and learn.

Earnings & Guidance

Students can make decisions from a more binary standpoint because other variables that affect stock price movement during the week a stock is announcing its earnings are minimized.

Develop Strong Evaluation Skills

Even in just 4 contests, students choose 24 stocks across 4 portfolios, using simplified tools and analysis. Focus is on evaluating stocks effectively rather than finding the "needle in a haystack."

Use Progression Analytics

Students are provided detailed analytics built around their gameplay. This enables them to learn from their mistakes and successes, allowing them to validate their intuition.

Positive Portfolio Gain

Students utilizing the TradeJester platform and its analysis tools correctly should end up with a cumulative portfolio gain that averages 5% or higher, when playing 5+ weeks.

Simplified Learning Tools In The App

Earnings Track Record

Each stock in the game has earnings history for the last 4 quarters. In order to simplify data for students, the terms MISSED, MET, and BEAT are given to help quickly visualize a stock's record.

Easy Sector Identifiers

Each stock is color-coded by Sector, and students get exposure to all 10. This teaches students that learning the sectors of stocks will help strengthen their insight as to how that stock should perform.

52-Week Stock Price Regression

Students learn to use regression analysis as a tool for understanding trends in relation to time. This also helps students correlate the stock's price to the impact of previous earnings performance.

Easy-to-Understand Volatility

Each stock has a simplified volatility and beta analysis to make it easy for students to quickly spot what moves and what doesn't. Categorized from VERY HIGH, HIGH, NORMAL, LOW, to VERY LOW.

Simple Portfolio Management

Students pick 6 stocks with earnings being announced that week, and put 2500, 5000, or 7500 towards each stock with a portfolio value of 30000, then choose whether to go Long or Short.

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