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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TradeJester?
TradeJester is a mobile/web fantasy trading platform. It is an innovative approach to simplify the often intimidating and complex world of investing. Each week-long fantasy contest requires players to select six stocks from a limited list of those reporting earnings that week. The winner is the player with the highest portfolio gain at the end of the week. Players may play new contests weekly, but are not required to manage their portfolio daily, making it a simple process to play that requires as little as 15 minutes per week.
Is TradeJester free to use?
What if I don't have any experience trading stocks or options?
Where can I get the TradeJester app?
Do I have to be 18 years old to use the TradeJester app?
Is TradeJester subject to UIGEA?
Is TradeJester subject to CFTC regulations?
What is the purpose and goal of fantasy contests?
Why do you need to know my location?
Why do you need to know my state?
Is TradeJester a brokerage firm?
What is TradeKing?
Does TradeJester make investment recommendations?
What happens if I run out of Play Money?
What is the Fantasy Contests Leaderboard used for?

Real Money FAQ

What methods can I use to make a deposit?
At this time, you may only make a deposit to your TradeJester account using a credit or debit card. We process your deposit using a third-party service called Stripe, which means that at no time do we receive or handle your personal financial information, including your credit card number. It is all handled securely by Stripe. Once your deposit completes, you will automatically be credited with the deposit amount in your Real Money balance. The minimum deposit amount is $25.
How do I withdraw money from TradeJester?
Why am I required to fill out a W-9 form when I withdraw money?
Why don't you accept foreign credit/debit cards?
What are my options for withdrawing money?

Private Tournament FAQ

Who can set up a Private Tournament?
Anyone! Private tournaments can be created by anyone, and the personal that creates the tournament will have the option to invite players to join their tournament by email. Private Tournaments are great for:

  • Educators wanting to utilize TradeJester in a classroom setting
  • Groups of friends wanting to test their skills against each other
  • Co-workers wanting a challenge within the office
  • Families wanting to compete with each other for fun and bragging rights
  • Students wanting to learn more about the market while competing with classmates
Do I have to be 18 to play in Private Tournaments?
What fees are associated with Private Tournaments?
What are the prizes for Private Tournaments?
Can I make my Private Tournament public?

Affiliate FAQ

What is an Affiliate Marketer?
TradeJester Affiliate Marketers get paid to promote TradeJester to friends, family and followers. Here's how it works:
  • You drive users to TradeJester, giving each a special promo code.
  • Users receive a 100% deposit bonus up to $100 for their first deposit.
  • Each time the user plays in a contest, you receive 40% of the entry fee* generated.
  • Each time the user joins a Private Tournament - including one you create - you receive 40% of the entry fee paid.
  • Once you have generated at least $10 of revenue from your users, you may request a withdrawal. The more they play, the more you earn!
*Entry fee is a percentage of the buy-in for each contest. For example, if the buy-in is $5, the entry fee is typically $0.50, and you would receive 40% of that, or $0.20.

It's that simple. If you feel you're a good fit, click here to fill out the Affiliate Application form.
Do I have to be a U.S. citizen to be an Affiliate Marketer?
What is required to be an Affiliate Marketer?
What are the prizes for Private Tournaments?
How will I get paid?
How do my users unlock their deposit bonus?
What happens if I get a class or organization to adopt TradeJester?


We try to simplify the market as much as possible.
These are the terms you'll need to be familiar with to succeed.
52-Wk Hi/Low
The 52-week (1-year) hi (high) and low are the highest and lowest prices for the stock over the previous year, respectively. These values differ from the ceiling and support lines for the stock in that the high and low are actual achieved values, while the ceiling and support are theoretical values based on a regression.

Strategy Tip: Much like the ceiling and support, the high and low values can give you an idea about the range of values that a stock is most likely to reach. You can use this to decide if the stock will move enough in either direction to help you achieve a winning portfolio.

Analysts' Consensus
Bear Market
Bull Market
Implied Volatility
In TradeJester, your portfolio is the group of six stocks that you select for a contest. Your portfolio value is the sum of the gains and losses of the stocks that are within that portfolio, adjusted for the weights assigned to each stock.

Strategy Tip: Depending on your appetite for risk, you can construct your portfolio in many different ways. The stocks you pick and the weights you assign to them will be determined by how conservative or aggressive you prefer to be.
Russell Index
S&P Index
Support / Ceiling