Our mission is to create success in active trading through gamification.

Our Vision For TradeJester Players

We want you to become a successful active stock trader. To reach this goal, we have a three-step process to build your skills from the ground up.


First, you must make an investment - even as little as $5 per week - playing fantasy contests. When you put money on the line - skin in the game, as it were - you will make decisions more carefully because you are cognizant of the risk that you could lose some money. This small investment helps preserve the integrity of the game for all players while giving you confidence that your wins and losses are the result of thoughtful experimentation, not blind luck.


Following each contest, we deliver results to you in your personal progress section of the app. Here, you will be able to see where you succeeded and where you failed, and you will learn from those successes and failures to begin to develop a strategy that works for you. We want your strategy to be personal, not just some "beat the market" formula that we all know never actually works in the long run. Instead, you learn a personal trading style that you can carry and improve upon for the rest of your life.


We don't expect you to play Tradejester for a week or two and then dive right into the real market. That would be crazy. As you play the game, you see yourself succeed over weeks, you see your personal progress advance, and you see your account balance grow. We tell you your lifetime portfolio gain within the game because we want you to know how your progress is going. When you are ready - and we will help guide you to know when that is - you can graduate to the real market. But first you should grow your knowledge and experience so when you make that first real trade, you know you're ready.

How Does TradeJester Make Its Money?

Contest Entry Fees

We take a small 10% entry fee on all contests and the weekly tournament. Think of it as your ticket to the game. This fee helps us keep the game running smoothly and support the infrastructure to develop and run the best app possible.

Private Tournament Fees

Private Tournaments are free to create, and when a Private Tournament is run, each player is charged a small up-front fee to participate, unless the tournament is sponsored. Contact us here if you want to sponsor a Private Tournament.

Brokerage Referrals

We are not a brokerage firm. When you reach the point where you're ready to put your TradeJester training into action, we will gladly refer you to one of our partners to get you set up with an account that can achieve your personal strategy.